Stick The Chick

  • Type : Party Game (Game Jam)
  • Company : IIM
  • Platform : (Windows)
  • Created with : Unity 3D
  • Gameplay : Stick the Chick is an action platformer from 2 to 4 players. Armed with a glue gun, players will face each other cleverly by sticking their opponents to the moving platforms of the map to take them into the “crusher” that will kill them. To win,  be the last survivor! As a chicken you can use your wings at their best to float for a little bit of time each time you are in the air. You can put some glue on the platforms to stick another chicken who walks into it.
  • My work : I was with a random team in this Jam, I was the “lead” artist in charge of character design, animations and VFX in that project.