• Type : Platformer Game
  • Company : IIM
  • Platform : (Windows 10)
  • Created with : Unity 3D
  • Gameplay : Solstice is a dynamic 2D platformer that takes place in a dark and gloomy atmosphere. Dash through the air using you character’s powers to overcome challenging levels and reach the top of the map!

    Will you be able to beat our game? This game is an early work in progress with the objective of creating a full vertical slice (demo) in a more metroïdvania style. This prototype is mostly a showcase of the artistic direction, mechanics, gamefeel, music and sound design. Therefore we will continue working on Solstice this next year.

  • My work : Lead Graphic Artist, creation of Artistic direction, all animations and VFX, Sprites, project Graphic/Rendering settings, intradiegetic UX/UI and setting up a graphic cohesion.